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Bishop Custom Clothing has gone BEYOND TREND

It’s a pretty gutsy statement no doubt, and I bet you expect us to back it up. Indeed we will—but I first wanted to make sure that I had your full attention.

Let’s talk about one of the most over used claims in our industry: to be ‘on trend’. Have you ever wondered: what does that even mean? Apparel companies typically release an annual catalog based on trends that may be over a year old. That approach flies in the face of being ON TREND.

At Bishop, we never stop moving. Our trend analysis and style
development processes are fluid. We constantly turn what’s on the runways and on the street into custom apparel pieces. We simply refuse to wait until the following year to release new concepts for our partners to present to their clients.









What going Beyond Trend looks like

Since moving to a year-round product development cycle, we had to abandon the annual printed catalogue—it was just too slow—for a fast-paced approach that allows us to rapidly showcase new garments while the trends are still hot. 

In addition, Bishop’s industry-leading trend forecasts are organically built, leveraging our combined 300 years of apparel design and sourcing experience.

So what does that mean for you?

First, not every trend is applicable to each opportunity. Choosing how to apply the relevant new style to the mission
at hand is a key aspect of what we do.

Second—and most importantly—is to work with our creative partners (that’s you) to merge their brand intelligence and strategy with our trend analysis to create a finished product that only true 100% custom design and production can achieve.

When you pitch for uniform or promotional programs to the largest and most demanding companies and organizations, you know that with Bishop you’ve got real-time trend analysis at your disposal for fresh ideas your clients have never seen before. Our incredibly creative presentations are always on point and laser-targeted to help you better sell the best custom apparel available.


Trending Now…



Charge Translucent Jacket

We’ve observed a growing trend of transparency across several categories. Our new Charge jacket features two translucent thermoplastic polyurethane panels on either side of the custom-colored front. A unique look is created every time this piece is worn, as the patterns and colors below peek through.


1. Custom Fabric Color
2. Custom Translucent TPU Fabric Color
3. Custom Logo Decoration Techniques

4. Custom 2-Colour Rubber Zipper Pull
5. Custom Binding Color
6. Custom Translucent TPU Neck Label



Flow Sublimated Jacket

Asymmetry is another hot trend. The Flow jacket introduces this style with a custom sublimated print on the sleeve and part of one side panel. Of course, this sublimated element is completely custom to any brand.

This piece also features black reflective printed logos on front and back to complete this very sleek and retail look.


1. Custom Fabric Color 
2. Custom Sublimated Panel & Sleeve
3. Custom Black Reflective Print Logos

4. Custom Reflective Taping on Zipper
5. Custom 2-Colour Rubber Zipper Pull
6. Custom Translucent TPU Neck Label



Next month…

Sustainability: the buzzword everyone’s talking about. What does it really mean and how can you make it work for your business? We’ll share our latest research and help make it easy to provide sustainable options to your clients.




In conclusion

We are thrilled that you subscribe to The Bespoke. From this point forward, we will always end with some of our organic trend analysis to send you on your way inspired and informed. And if you are inspired, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. Let’s create something awesome together!

Please share the link below to encourage others to receive the Bespoke. For every referral, we at Bishop will pretty much almost certainly guarantee that you will sleep much better at night knowing the personal and professional enrichment you have bestowed on others.

Thanks for reading
and I look forward to being in touch soon!