Get Your Project Started

Getting True Custom apparel right is hard. Our team makes it easy.

Over 300 years of combined experience in apparel design and manufacturing allows us to take you through the process with confidence.

Are you ready to get started?

  1. Can you meet our minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 300 units for outerwear and 500 units for everything else?
  2. Do you have about 120 days? (estimated from when we start designing to the product landing in North America via boat)
  3. Do you have a target budget range for what you are trying to build?

Even if you don’t have answers to these questions…  Let’s go!

Some next steps to consider

  • Take advantage of the content on this website. Browse the Design area, previous volumes of The Bespoke, and our Resources section.
  • Review the Design Wishlist below as a guide for what we need to best execute on the custom apparel branding mission.
  • Check out the Custom Process page to become familiar with our production cycle.
  • Budget estimates are needed for reverse engineering, maximizing quality, and branding options, while staying within your budget.

Design Wishlist

We always tell people that the more information they can give us, the better equipped our designers are to generate amazing mockups. If you have all of the following, awesome! If not, that’s fine too—we’ll create a knockout presentation no matter what!

  1. Brand guidelines.
  2. Budget—we will reverse engineer to your budget, maximizing quality and design impact.
  3. Quantity needed.
  4. In-hands delivery deadline.
  5. All available vector (functional) art files.
  6. Provide relevant company / organization websites.
  7. Insight to any additional relevant graphic elements (historical images, patterns, textures, etc.)
  8. Types of garments interested in seeing: jackets, polos, swimwear, blazers, etc. Browse our extensive library of styles, trims and embellishment techniques for inspiration and direction.
  9. Links / pictures / sketches of any existing garments which have features or styling you wish incorporated.
  10. Are there specific functional elements that we can incorporate? (pocketing, range of motion needs, technical finishes, etc.)
  11. Can we add messaging or function to the INSIDE of the garment?
  12. Any notable demographics, corporate culture, mission statements, strategic partnerships or co-branding?
  13. Are there any specific avoidances?