Custom Color

Color is applied to fabric in a number of different ways

Learn about how and when different dyeing methods are used to determine the best option for your True Custom apparel.

Pre-fiber DyeingFiber DyeingYarn DyeingFabric DyeingGarment Dyeing
  • Also called solution dyeing, before the fiber is extruded
  • Dye is added to the manufactured fiber chemical solution before passing through the spinneret. The manufactured fiber emerges already colored.
  • Also called top dyeing
  • Fiber is colored before being made into yarn
  • Also called skein dyeing
  • Yarn is dyed before fabric / garment production
  • Also called piece dyeing
  • Fabric is dyed before garment production
  • Dyeing proceeds after garment is sewn
Colorfastness• • • •• • •• • •• •
Quantity RequiredLargeLargeModerateLowSingle
Coloring AgentsDyes OnlyDyes OnlyDyes / PigmentsAllLow Temperature
Accessibility for ProductionPoor; color must be added before fiber productionFair; fiber must be dyed before yarn is producedFair; color added to yarn before fabric productionGood; color added to fabric and available in 30 daysExcellent; colored garments available immediately